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Why is it such Cost-Effective for Entrepreneurs to Develop React Native Apps?

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Why are entrepreneurs opting for react native app development services? Finding an answer might be a treasure hunt as there are so many aspects to cover. However, this blog will help you get started with the best. For any business big or small, availing of cross-platform compatibility and interacting with high-performing mobile apps is important in order to scale up their business opportunities. And if you are a startup, implementing cost-effective measures is a must to raise the bar that massively benefits the company.

Facebook-backed React Native framework showcases all the skills that match the desires of both startups and fortune 500 companies as it embraces the cross-platform development option.

Assuming that you are here to find an answer, we will be talking about React Native application development costs in the following segments. But before that, let’s know its pros and cons. Time to begin.

What is React Native?

React Native is an open-source facet used in building mobile applications on Android & iOS devices seamlessly. Incepted in the year 2015, has crossed all leaps and bounds to make itself synonymous with cross-platform app development.

At the initial release of the technology, the cost of maintenance and deployment was high as compared to other frameworks. Apart from that, the framework had limited options to explore and the quality was compromised. But after a lot of trials and errors, Facebook’s developer community elevated the process while following the trends and latest technology, React Native today has grabbed the attention of many entrepreneurs.

Today, the React Native app technology has expanded magnificently and is the synonym for cross-platform– it has dragged itself out from the market crowd and found a place after surpassing Xamarin, and various other mobile app development frameworks. Not just that, the app development tool is also competing in serial React Native vs Native debates. And while the technology continues to bloom and surprise us with more new versions, the developer’s interest in learning and choosing React Native as their career path is scaling up.

Interestingly, even mobility stakeholders are asking, “Is React Native app services the solution to Native or Cross-platform dilemma?” This proves that the prevalent rate at which React Native is gaining popularity in the mobility domain is rigorously elevating among all communities. But why should businesses choose to React Native app development for their project? Let’s see what React Native development company suggests in the below section.

Why Choose React Native App Development for your Next Project?

The majority of startup companies aim at making an online marketplace and assume mobile apps can help them get there. But when it comes to making decisions upon which mobile app development company will fit perfectly as per their presumed budget, getting stuck is normal. Henceforth, here are a few reasons why you need React Native’s forte for your app development.

A.  Low mobile app development cost

The cost of developing a mobile app in the case of native app development is at least two to three times greater than the cost of developing a react native app. The rationale for the cost difference displayed in the React native cost calculator is mostly due to the common codebase and minimal resource requirements: both of which are developing efforts and cost-saving aspects.

B.  Native-like look & feel

The one thing that kept businesses on the fence about engaging in cross-platform app development was uncertainty about app performance. React Native development, with its simple access to third-party plugins and APIs for accessing in-device functionality, overcomes the problem by providing the app user with a native appearance and feel.

C.  Easy transformation from web to app

The benefit of open-source React Native apps having a unified codebase extends beyond Android and iOS apps. It may also be used to convert an online app into a smartphone device.

D.  Live Reloading

React Native has a live reloading capability, which lets developers observe changes made in source code right on the app’s screen without having to rebuild the app. This functionality significantly reduces the time required to construct a react native application.

E.  Expedited go-to-market time

Because the development period is less than when using the Native technique, entrepreneurs may debut their app in the marketplace within the time frame specified. This excursion is the most important aspect of the cost-benefit analysis of a React Native app.

How much React Native App Development Costs: The Final Stage

     I.        User Authorization

If you want to construct a logistics solution that demands user login or authorization, the cost of using react native will be marginally higher than if you don’t require users to sign up or sign in.

   II.        App Category

When we switch from one app category to another, a variety of variables change performance, security implications, amount of real-time users, and so on.

The cost of developing a React Native app is changing due to these complexities. A solo program (such as a timer or calculator) will, for instance, be much less expensive than a feature-rich online business or on-demand app.

  III.        Focus on Hardware

The more equipment you attach to your app, the higher the cost of React native app development. While designing an IoT application with Native is still easier in certain ways, doing it with React Native is harder in terms of development difficulty. Ask your mobile development company for a more definitive understanding of React Native.

 IV.        App Design

To ensure that users spend as much time as possible in your application, you must employ a well-thought-out design approach that includes a well-articulated user flow and the use of timed animation and transitions to go from one screen to another. However, creating interfaces and experiences that are certain to keep consumers’ attention comes at a cost.

However, for app entrepreneurs, the cost to create a mobile app in the context of React Native app development is substantially less when compared to Native app design cost, because just one app version is required.

  V.        App Maintenance

Undeniably, the costs do not cease with the app’s debut. To meet the expectations of your users, you will need to update it on a regular basis. We recently worked on the Dominos application, and we witnessed a significant improvement in user retention and engagement levels as a result of an app overhaul.

When we talk about app maintenance, we mostly refer to three distinct processes:

  • Design changes in the app
  • Bug fixes for the app
  • The app maintenance cost is often assessed as 20% of the total react native application development cost.

Factors that reduce the cost of React Native app development:

1.   One Team of Developers

App development with react native requires only one team, as compared to the two groups required for a website development company with react native – unique to iOS and Android.

2.   Use of Existing Frameworks

The React Native app development frameworks allow developers to speed up the process by providing a skeletal structure on which to work.

3.   Code reuse

Developers will undertake half of the tasks that they normally do with native app development since they will be working on shared code that will be utilized to construct both Android and iOS versions of apps.


These are some of the major elements that influence the React Native app development cost you should budget for at the start of your app journey. Assigning numerical values to them is a process that can only be accomplished after gaining a thorough understanding of the app project.

Author bio– Amara works with the editorial team of DianApps, a leading mobile app development company. Exploring the latest technologies, reading about them, and writing her views have always been her passion. She seeks new opportunities to express her opinions, explore technological advancements, and document the details. You can always find her enjoying books or articles about varied topics or jotting down her ideas in a notebook.

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