Microwave and Toaster Oven Combo

Best Microwave and Toaster Oven Combo in 2021

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best microwave and toaster oven combo are some of the most flexible kitchen investments you can buy. These ovens may even become your go-to heating and cooking option for most foods, combining the best of microwaves in terms of speed, the convenience of reheating, and energy economy, with the best of toaster ovens in terms of real cooking and crisp browning.


What is a Toaster Oven and Convection Microwave Combo?

A microwave/toaster oven combination is an oven that can both microwave and toast and brown food. This is accomplished by combining microwaves, which heat your meal by causing its molecules to vibrate quicker, with appropriate heating components and a fan to circulate the heat evenly. Convection cooking is the use of a fan to reduce the time it takes to cook anything and produce more even cooking throughout the whole meal.

Although a toaster oven and microwave combo may toast bread, the heat comes from the sides, not the top. As a result, the quality of the toasting will most likely be determined by the oven.


Microwave and Toaster Oven Combo


Benefits of Using Toaster Oven and Microwave Combinations

There are several advantages to having a toaster oven and microwave combination, including:

  1. Save Money

You just need one of them instead of two for each function because it can perform two things. Microwave/convection oven combinations are also highly energy-efficient, so you’ll save money as well.

  1. Save Time

You can heat or cook your food much faster by combining toasting and microwaving capabilities. You also won’t have to transfer your food from one oven to another to thaw and cook it. You can accomplish everything on a single device.

  1. Save Spaces

How much more room would you have if you didn’t have to use the oven? A good toaster oven and microwave combination may help you conserve space in your kitchen and perhaps substitute your conventional oven for several dishes.

So, which toaster oven and microwave combinations are the best?

Top Microwave and Toaster Oven Combo Picks on the Market Nowadays

The Value pick of Microwave and Toaster Oven Combo



Best Microwave and Toaster Oven Combo


Cuisinart CMW-200

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Here’s a deeper look at why I like the Cuisinart CMW-200 so much.

Versatile In-Building Features

This oven has a lot of convection power, which makes it a lot of fun to use. You can roast, grill, and even bake anything that fits inside with it. You may configure the Cuisinart CMW-200 to thaw your food by weight or by time and then cook it later.

Great Grilling Experience

The Cuisinart CMW 200 is a wonderful toaster oven and microwave combo since it can toast as well as warm meals. The CMW-200 can grill your food fast and evenly thanks to its powerful convection technology. You may speed up the process even more by positioning the meal near the heat source and using an adjustable grill.

The CMW-200 is a great mix of microwave and convection ovens, providing considerably more than each option could provide on its own.


  • Touchpad controls and LCD display
  • 1.2-cubic-foot capacity
  • 12-inch turntable
  • 1000 watts
  • 21.20″ Large x 19.00″ Width x 12.20″ Hight
  • Includes a recipe book
Pros Cons
Cleaning is simple: Any food that remains on the surfaces may be simply wiped away thanks to the stainless steel inside.

There are several options: 9 pre-programmed presets that may be customized and run one after the other

Capabilities for convection It’s ideal for dispersing heat evenly.


Great for defrosting: With two defrost options and no cold areas, this oven defrosts quickly and effectively.

Hot Surfaces: When cooking, the surfaces of this oven can get quite hot to the touch, preventing you from placing anything on top of it.


Heavy: At nearly 41 pounds, this oven isn’t ideal for those seeking to store it after use.


Cabinets are not recommended: Because of the heat that this oven emits, it must be put in a well-ventilated location.





The Performance Pick of Microwave and Toaster Oven Combination


Microwave and Toaster Oven Combo

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Panasonic NN-GN68KS Flash Xpress Microwave Oven


Here are some of the NN-best GN68KS’s features:

Powerful cooking and Broiling

With Panasonic’s Inverter technology, this oven can produce continuous and constant heat, ensuring that your meals are completely cooked and heated with no cold patches. This oven’s twin infrared Flash Xpress Broiler allows you to create rapid heat to crisp and brown your food without the typical warm-up times of a traditional oven. It rapidly achieves grill-like results, making it ideal for crispy nachos and fries, delectable frittatas, and crunchy apple crumbles.

Humidity Level Sensor

The Panasonic NN-GN68KS microwave has a Genius Sensor Cook and Reheat function built-in. This removes the guesswork from cooking and helps you to make the most of your oven. While your food is heating in the microwave, the Genius sensors detect steam and adjust the cooking duration accordingly to avoid sogginess.


  • Genius Sensor, Flash Xpress Broiler
  • Double Infrared Heating
  • 1.1 cubic feet capacity
  • 13.4-inch Turntable
  • 1000 Watts for microwave power, 1100 Watts for broiler
  • 15.8 x 20.7 x 12.2 inches
  • Made of Aluminum
  • Includes One Wire Rack


Pros Cons
The sensor of brilliance: The sensor is quite reliable and produces consistent readings.

Broiling Made Simple: Brown any meal fast and easily.

Excellent culinary skills: Heating capabilities that are quick and even are ideal for cooking, warming, or defrosting.


One of the quietest microwave choices available.


This countertop oven is small enough to fit almost any place.

There isn’t a numeric keypad: You’ll have to select the time using the settings or manually enter it using the up and down keys.


Installation is difficult: The oven must be connected to a separate circuit, which might be difficult to set up.


There is no option to keep the room warm: For an oven in this price range, there is an unusual scarcity.


The oven features a faint internal light and tiny wording for each button, making it inaccessible to those with impaired eyesight.


The Compact Pick of Microwave and Toaster Oven Combination



Microwave and Toaster Oven Combo

Toshiba EM131A5C-BS Microwave Oven

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Here are the best features of the Toshiba EM131A5C.

Great Design

In this price range, this microwave is one of the few with a complete stainless front finish. You gain considerably more durability with it than you would with regular plastic fronts. You also receive a door handle, which is often more robust and easier to operate than most microwaves’ standard button release.

Humidity Level Sensor

Despite being a low-cost microwave, it isn’t lacking in technology. Your microwave maintains track of the humidity level in your food thanks to a clever, built-in sensor. It then adjusts the heat and cooking time to achieve the best possible outcome. That way, you won’t have to deal with any of the mushy foods that come with inexpensive microwaves.


  • Smart sensor
  • 10 different power levels
  • Digital controls and display
  • 2 cubic feet of internal space
  • 4” turntable
  • 1100W of power






Pros Cons
Powerful: 1100W of power divided into 10 power settings for a fast cooking experience.

Compact: Ideal for tiny kitchens or spaces with limited counter space.

Spacious: Despite its modest size, you still have 1.2 cubic feet of room.


Excellent navigation: The soft-touch buttons and digital display make cooking more enjoyable.


Smart sensor built-in: This microwave’s smart sensor provides a lot of value.

Prone to problems: Because a few customers have reported receiving faulty units, you should purchase an extended warranty to protect your microwave investment.


No safety lock: If you have children, you may want to search for a safer choice.




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