how to clean burnt pots from outside

how to clean burnt pots from outside in 2021

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Having delicious food is a hobby for most of us, but it comes with the challenging question of how to clean burnt pots from outside? 

Many of us like to take ideas and are enthusiastic about presenting our cooking skills in front of our loved ones.

Although, the variety of food in the world belongs to different destinations. But the taste, presentation, and smell can attract anyone easily towards good food.

But what…!

It was a big day for you, and everybody loves your food too. But you’re nervous and somber about your burnt pots and pans.

Oh, that is so challenging for everyone, even a chef who is also afraid of burnt pots and pans.

Usually, through steel or iron wool pot, get to stain and scratches.

How To Clean Burnt Pots From Outside

here are some useful methods to clean burnt pots from outside.

  1. Clean Burnt Pots With Vinegar Acid:

You can clean burnt pots from outside by removing the grease with the acid of vinegar. 

This is a quick and easy way to remove grease from woks and this hack is great for many works, but it is not enough for tough stains and complex pots.

Step#1) Fix A Burnt Pot By Soaking Wok In Hot Water:

Fix a burnt pot by soaking the wok for a few seconds in hot water. 

Hot water will help lose food particles. 

Step#2) Use Sponge To Clean The Pot:


Use a sponge or a wok brush to get the pot cleaned.

Here’s an antidote for your sadness and tricks to clean burnt pots from outside, especially.

There’re a few things in life that might have saved you an entire bundle of mission and exertion.

With some basic kitchen staples, there’re lots of techniques you can use to clean a badly burnt stainless steel pan. 

  1. Fix A Burnt Pot By Cleaning With Soda:

You’ll need baking soda, water, and white vinegar, and a scouring pad and scraper, such as a wooden spatula to fix a burnt pot. 

There’s a method that uses a fresh lemon, cut in half.

Heating soft drink is your go-to for cleaning a consumed pot or dish since it has gentle grating properties and its soluble pH can assist with killing acidic consumed food varieties. 

It can likewise merge with a corrosive.

  1. Clean With Vinegar Or Lemon:

To clean burnt pots, make a bubbling response with vinegar or lemon juice that slackens consumed food to get it off your dish.

It’s one of the older and gray techniques to get rid of burnt pots and make them shiny and dirt-free. 

All you need is only lemon and salt. 

Simply cut the lemon into two pieces and drizzle some salt on it and rub the burnt side of the pots and pan with the help of a pulpy part. 

Because of lemon acid and salt’s basicity, the oxidized material will escape out, and the pot will become clean. 

Rinse with tap water and it will be good to go!

So, the next part and trick are a bit confusing, but it’s too easy and quite surprising.

  1. Clean With Soil:

Can you imagine cleaning a pot with the help of soil?

Exactly soil, usually chefs who are using big pots in Asian countries using soil, i.e. sand in a mesh to scrub the dishes and especially pots.

And the result is amazing: It’ll always remain clean and as shiny as they are.

Logically, it helps in removing dust from complex burn areas with the help of the uneven size of grains in soil. 

Because of rubbing multiple times, it becomes soft and is removed easily.

  1. Clean With Home Remedy:

Another most powerful in-house technique to clean burnt pots is here for you that not only helps you clean the burnt pots but also cuts down the grease and works as an antibacterial agent too…

Oh…! So many advantages to a home remedy. Nobody can believe it.

Just open your cupboard and add 2 tbsp Of soda in a bowl, a half cup of vinegar, and don’t forget to add a few drops of dishwashing liquid. 

Most people know the combination of vinegar and baking soda creates a chemical reaction, but you can also use them separately to restore surfaces.

Make a slurry and scrub it with the help of metal wool or a sponge.

7 out of 10 people like to practice this remedy and are quite satisfied with it. 

After all, this is magic.

Nowadays, ladies and not only ladies, although everyone is quite worried about their skin and its care.

And definitely, they have to… Because looking good is also an art.

Then what about that burnt pot……….!

It means they remain the same as black as they are. Smell, germs, and dirt always stick alongside our food. 

It means they will always be a part of our dinner to breakfast.

There’re so many ways to get rid of it.

  1. Clean With Boiled Water:

Another mind-blowing trick is also in your pocket.

Yes … Pro-tip!!

Boil the water and pour it on the dirty part of the pot. Mostly burn the pot’s outside area. 

Then add a pinch of soda and cut half of the potato and scrub it with the help of it. 

Then observe the result in a few minutes. 

It looks like a brand-new pot like you just bought it from the store.


These are a few professional home-based tricks that can easily be adapted for anyone and anyone can get more and more advantages from them.

Nowadays, the market is full of different detergents, soap, gel, liquids, and much more like that… 

But most of them are based on chemicals that can affect your hands and are toxic. Most horror demerits of these supplies are that they are not eco-friendly and non-toxic.

These are a few homemade and pocket-friendly tricks. It’s all up to your desire to go for the best that you want and love in it. 

Your utensil’s performance will go up, and its threshold expectancy will last longer by casual cleaning. You can avoid food stains or burnt foods by cleaning your burn pots from outside with these simple tips. 

So, say goodbye to these old and black parts of your kitchen that make your cooking laboratory ugly. 

Get your pots back in your life for cooking and start cooking. And get set ready to sparkle like a star.

Which method do you think is an answer to your question of how to clean burnt pots from outside that you can easily act on? 

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